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Traditional Potting

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Free-flowing compost for planting pots, trays, hanging baskets and tubs.

  • Produced from graded Irish Moss Peat harvested from our own peat mire and blended at their own plant in County Kildare, Ireland
  • The peat is medium age, light brown in colour and provides excellent aeration and water holding capacity.
  • Vitax Grower Composts are supplied with sufficient nutrients for 4 – 6 weeks. After this period it is recommended that Vitafeed NPK+Mg+TE fertilisers are applied.

Peat Grade: 50% 1 – 10mm / 50% 1 – 15mm
Added fertiliser: 13-11-23+1.5MgO+TE – 1.8 kg/m³
Added lime: 3.5kg/m³

Pack sizes: 75 litres



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