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Basacote Plus


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Basacote® – Excellence extended
Basacote® is the COMPO EXPERT brand for fully coated controlled release fertilizers. The broad fied of use includes the following segments:

Substrate mixes for depot fertilization of container nursery stock and
other young plants
Plant hole fertilization of fruit tree (orchards) and forestry plantations
Fertilization of oil palms in nursery and plantation stage
Blending of Basacote –Max range with other fertilizer components to meet nearly every NPK ratio

General advantages of controlled release nutrition:

Continuous release of nutrients throughout whole growth season
Release of nutrients directly into the root zone
Nutrition in a single and easy application
Availability of all nutrients that matches plant requirements
no excesses = no negative salinity
no deficiencies
no fixation of nutrients
Best efficiency of nutrient use
Reduction of application rate and frequency
Minimized leaching losses with no contamination of groundwater
Independent from irrigation plan

Specific advantage of COMPO EXPERT’s Basacote technology:

Unique coating material and continuous production process
Special placement of micronutrients for higher efficacy
CAR (Climate Adapted Release) technology to meet plant needs at any climatic condition
Very elastic and frost resistant coating
Excellent blending properties
5 step quality control system for maximum safety



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