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Mo Bactor




Mo Bactor 5-5-20 (+3%MgO)
Mo Bacter is an organic fertiliser from Viano of Belgium which releases its nutrients evenly over a twelve week period. It feeds the lawn whilst working against moss. The high levels of potasium are ingested by the moss which causes the moss plant to breakdown and be digested by bacteria inoculated in the fertiliser.

Lawns are left free of any debris with no need to scarify. It’s completely organic, harmless to animals and wildlife, and doesn’t damage border plants.

Mo Bacter is best used in the spring, or early summer, to eliminate moss and late summer or early autumn to stifle its winter development.

Viano Mo Bacter is at its most effective when the SOIL temperature is 10°C or more.

Active Ingredients: Nitrogen, phosphate and potash 5-5-20 (+3%MgO) plus a bacteria (bacillus sp) which is found naturally in soil; but when added to fertiliser, consumes dead material like thatch and moss.

Key Features of Mo Bacter

  • Unique slow release fertilisers which feed your lawn for over three months
  • Destroys moss by secondary action without leaving debris.
  • Removes the need for raking out dead material after use
  • Being organic it is not harmful to animals or children


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